About Us

Our team at UrbanMop is all about our customer journey and how we can bring the best, reliable cleaning service to Ottawa and Surrounding Areas

Our Story

A few years ago our founders, Derek and Leslie, came up with an urgent desire to solve a pressing need. They knew that cleanliness is an essential aspect of most people’s lives. However, not everyone has the skill or the time to clean their homes and/or businesses effectively and efficiently.

We live in a busy world and, amid life’s hustle and bustle, it’s hard for many people to take a break and clean because there’s never enough time. Otherwise, individuals may lack sufficient cleaning skills and/or the resources to ensure a thorough job well done. A surface-level cleaning is often not enough, as the bacterial risk is deeper than that.

That’s where we come in at UrbanMop. Our founders identified this problem and realized that what people need isn’t another regular cleaning service; there were enough already. Instead, what’s needed is one that would make their lives a lot easier and simpler. And for this reason, UrbanMop was formed.


Our Mission

We aim to simplify peoples’ lives by providing an uncomplicated yet efficient service our clients can rely on. To us, it’s never just about cleaning; it’s about making life easier for people. And the ease and simplicity we provide transcend every aspect of our business, from on-site operations to our relationships with clients, and even our straightforward online booking form.

By offering deep cleaning services, move-out cleaning services, and move-in cleaning services, we minimize stress and maximize results. We take these burdens off your shoulders so you can focus on other essential aspects, become more productive, and live an easier, stress-free life.


Our Core Values

Customer Focused

We exist to serve you. Every decision we make as a company is channelled into making you happier and better satisfied with our services. This is why we encourage for our clients to give their feedback after a job is completed.

Quality & Reliability

We keep to our word and deliver on our promise as a company. We work towards perfection. We deliver outstanding cleaning service that leaves your space entirely spotless.


We never want to get in your way and ruin your daily plans through late and/or sloppy work. Therefore, we thrive on delivering timely and competent services that facilitate your daily activities.

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