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At UrbanMop, we believe in delivering a deeper and more effective cleaning every time. Our dedicated one-time deep cleaning services, however, take this to a whole new level! With the combination of our years of experience, proven and efficient cleaning techniques, and the solutions and equipment needed to deliver the best results possible, we’re certain that this service is sure to wow – and leave more than a few surfaces as close to sparkling as possible.

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When we say one-time cleaning, we mean you’ll only need this service once per messy or challenging situation – the results will easily speak for themselves! We have the capability and passion for a job well done needed to ensure that you’re more than satisfied by what we can achieve in a reasonably quick timeframe. We’re able to work within a schedule that suits your availability.

Perhaps you’re fed up with tracked-in mud and boot scuffs in the front porch or entryway. Or, what if the kitchen cupboards and appliances are overdue for a serious cleaning out, or maybe the kids’ playroom needs a whole lot of TLC? From grease and grime to ground-in dirt and those stubborn crevices between floorboards, nothing is out of reach. The same goes for scaled-up bathtubs in need of a serious scrubbing, overtly dusty surfaces, and so much more. Our deep cleaning services can tackle any and all of these issues to ensure lasting peace of mind.

Deep Cleaning Means Fresher and Healthier

Another key reason to consider our one-time deep cleaning services is to make your home more hygienic, which is something on the minds of plenty of folks lately. When life gets in the way, it can be hard to make time for all sorts of cleaning odd jobs, which can end up snowballing into chores that everyone dreads dealing with. That’s where we come in! Our approach to deep cleaning is to sanitize surfaces, kill unwanted bacteria, and make environments safe for everyone. This is especially important for little ones or those with compromised immune systems. Our services can even potentially neutralize pesky odours as a result!

We Use Family-Friendly Solutions

UrbanMop is proud to service homes of all shapes and sizes, and with that responsibility comes an absolute necessity to be good to those occupying these properties. To help look after yourself and the rest of your household, we focus on the use of environmentally friendly, less abrasive cleaning solutions that are more than capable of getting the job done. These are less harsh for animals, children, seniors, and quite literally everyone else, which is good news for folks with allergies or sensitivities. Of course, if you require us to use a specific cleaning solution or otherwise, feel free to let us know and we’ll be glad to accommodate for it.

What Do Our Deep Cleaning Services Include?

There are several ways that we are happy to assist. These include the following and many more:

  • Comprehensive scrubbing and sanitizing of all bathroom surfaces, including touchpoint
  • Vacuuming, dusting, and floor washing 
  • Detail-oriented dusting and fixture cleaning
  • Everything included in a regular cleaning, plus baseboards, light switches, and door handles
  • An extra hour for high-detail areas
  • Optional extras at an additional charge

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Regular cleanings include kitchen work, all exterior surfaces in rooms, floor mopping and vacuuming, bathroom and bedroom cleanings, and other similar base-level services. Our deep cleaning services offer an even more comprehensive cleaning of each room, hence the name, along with an additional time for high-detail areas and other features listed above.

We’re happy to arrange for a time and date that works best for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to plan the service in advance.

We’re here to make things right, every single time. Contact us with details about the problems in question and include relevant photos if possible. We’ll provide a return via our 200% satisfaction guarantee as well as provide a recleaning in the affected area.

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