Airbnb Cleaning

Our Airbnb cleaning services are widely sought after because we help guests feel comfortable and safe, all while saving owners their time and energy. This encourages guests to stay longer, leave positive reviews, refer their family and friends, and come back for future great experiences.

Airbnb Turnovers

Same day check-ins? Multiple times a week turn-over? No problem. We have a dedicated team.

Host Cleaning Checklist

We understand that all hosts operate their business differently. We can accommodate that.


Have a specific way you want your house staged every turn-over? No problem!

What's Our Process?

Consult with our Airbnb Expert

You’ll be able to connect with one our of Airbnb experts to better understand your cleaning needs.

Onboarding Process

You will be assigned to our dedicated airbnb cleaning team and from there, you will simply need to provide your cleaning dates!

Concierge Service Setup

We understand that nature of the airbnb business, at times unpredictable. We will set up a concierge service specific for you so you have an instant communication line with our team.

Got A Few Questions?

Our turnover services involve changing sheets, vacuuming and mopping floors, scrubbing toilets and tubs, and anything else needed to ensure the next guest is comfortable when checking in.

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Our Airbnb team is trained to spot damages or areas that may need maintenance. We offer also a concierge service in which our team will attempt to contact you as soon as we receive updates from our cleaning teams.

We bring our own.

We use eco-friendly products that are healthy for your home and not overpowering, from our cleaning materials to disinfectants and custom solutions. Because we keep your home safe while we clean, you don’t have to worry about your appliances or painting wearing out, bleaching, or getting damaged, and your home will remain safe for children and pets. We also ensure to keep what you own in its best shape while cleaning.

Our team will arrive the day of the cleaning and let you know if extra time is required. If a deep cleaning is necessary, our deep cleaning services involve in-depth wipe downs of your all surfaces of the property.

It’s all in our process. We first have a manager meeting to understand you business needs. This gets passed along to our dedicated airbnb team and they take it from there.

Our detailed-oriented team will pay attention to every corner in your listing to wipe off spots and stains that can easily go unnoticed. We are also equipped with industry-standard equipment that transforms your building’s outlook, ensuring it is spotless and looks brand new. This makes your listing stand out and draws in more guests.

By saving your time, you get to reinvest it into other tasks that may generate a higher return on investment.  In addition, the dangers of an unclean Airbnb are costly. It exposes you to the risk of negative ratings that could affect your rankings. Therefore, calling us in is a great way to maximize cost control and get the most from your Airbnb.

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Why UrbanMop Airbnb Services?

Here’s why many of our clients in Ottawa and beyond trust us with their everyday cleaning needs via our wide range of services:

Thrive On Customer Satisfaction

We practice a unique approach of putting our customers first in all we do. We are committed to providing top-notch service to ensure optimal results, every single time.

Help You Save Resources

We are supplying the best materials to help you clean. You won't have to purchase your vacuums and other materials as you would when going the DIY route; rather, we will bring all the resources required to carry out an effective cleaning for your Airbnb.

Safety Is our priority

We follow all safety regulations and therefore operate in a fully compliant manner. This includes strict adherence to COVID-19 regulations whenever we're onsite.

Customized Cleaning Experience

Our services are tailored to your unique needs and goals. We pay attention to your requirements and expectations to deliver a personalized experience that covers all the essentials.

Headache free Airbnb Service

With the aim of providing a worry-free, satisfaction guaranteed cleaning, we always accommodate to your busy schedule.