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If you’re spending way too much time trying to find items in your pantry, it could be time to organize it. Even a smaller pantry can easily turn into a chaotic mess and catch-all overtime when it’s used on a regular basis. Learn how to organize a small pantry so you can keep those shelves neat and tidy and find what you need with ease.

How do I Get More Space in My Pantry?

Create Cubbies or Use Horseshoe Shelves

If you’re limited on space, consider using horseshoe shelves so you can create additional shelf space on the sides of the pantry and not just the back wall. Alternatively, cubbies can be a helpful way to group items together to keep the pantry very organized. Cubbies can be added by simply placing a few partitions between larger shelves.

Use Small Baskets

One of the reasons why pantries can get messy quickly is because of smaller, loose items that get scattered and moved around. To keep them neat and contained, used small baskets to organize any packets and other similar items together. 

Embrace the Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan’s have been a household staple for keeping items tidy and easily accessible. These are a great addition for storing any bottles like hot sauces together so they won’t end up being buried behind other stuff.

Hang Cleaning Items 

For those who have a pantry that also houses the cleaning items such as the broom, dustpan, and mop, install pegs or hooks so you can store them up against the wall. This way, you can keep them off of the floor and tucked to the side.

Use Bins for Produce

Keep produce like potatoes, onions, and garlic in separate storage bins. You can find a wide range of different sizes that will fit into your pantry. Even old file holders will work well since they are narrow and can easily fit on a tiny shelf.

How to Organize a Small Pantry?

Keep Canned Goods Together

Canned goods tend to take up a large portion of the pantry. Store them together and organize them based on similarities – keep beans together, tomato based cans, and so on in one pace. If your pantry is really tight on space, a can corral rack will free up more room by stacking them horizontally. Just roll them in, and when you need to take one out, another one will automatically roll forward.

Use Jars

Place dried legumes, rice, flour, nuts, oatmeal and any other bulk-like items into jars. Aside from making it simple to find what you need, these will help keep your food fresh for longer due to the air-tight seal. It will also make it easy to see everything so you can know what needs to be refilled and what doesn’t when you head to the grocery store.

Store Spices on the Door

Whether you add a small shelf, rack or even use a transparent shoe organizer, these are smart ways to store spices so they are out of the way and can clear up more shelf space. This will help preserve their freshness too.

Label Everything

Having shelves filled with neat and tidy jars and bins will look great, but it won’t do you much good if you don’t know what’s in them. As you’re placing items into glass jars, bins and baskets, add labels along the way to keep track.

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